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Asters "Purple", Callistephus chinensis

Asters "Purple", Callistephus chinensis

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A beautiful lavender blue colored summer raster with large and full-bodied flowers. The variety has needle-like petals, which can be up to 15 cm in diameter. The plant is approx. 50 cm tall and has a branched growth, which bears up to 12 flowers on a single plant. A classic for a gardener. 

Quantity: approx. 40 seeds

Sowing: Inside March - April, or sown directly on growing ground in May. Since the seeds are very small, they should not be sown too closely. Sprinkle a very thin make soil over the seeds. Watch out when watering seedlings - too much moisture can provoke black foot. 

Planting: When the risk of night frost is minimal. Asters prefer a sunny place to grow, but also thrive in light shade. To ensure that there is enough nutrition, they are fertilized during the growing season. Must be well watered in during dry periods. Choose a new place for your asters every year, to avoid fungal infestation. 

Flowering: from mid-July to October.

About sowing summer flowers - here you can read more about sowing.