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Proud Cavalier "Sensation" mix, Cosmos bipinnatus

Proud Cavalier "Sensation" mix, Cosmos bipinnatus

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Cosmos loved by gardeners for its adorable flowers and light, filigree foliage. The flowers last a long time both in a vase and in the garden. "Sensation" is an adorable mix with a height of approx. 60-70 cm. Feel free to pick its flowers for summer bouquets, this will make the plant bloom longer and richer. By growing in pots, it may be a good idea to sip the top of the young plants just above the 4 leaf pairs. In this way, you ensure a compact and branched growth.

Quantity: approx. 40 seeds

Sowing: premature flowering was seen in early April inside or in a greenhouse. The seeds were sown thinly, in moist soil for approx. 0.5 cm depth and placed in a warm and bright place. Germinations usually appear after 7-10 days. Alternatively, they can be sown directly at the growing site in early May.

Planting: during May. Cosmos prefers sunny growing space and can withstand dry periods. Too much nutrition will cause the plant to develop massive leaf mass at the expense of flowering.

Flowering: July - October

About sowing summer flowers - here you can read more about reproduction